Short Bio.

I usually get introduced as the “Volkswagen guy”. For 10 years I was an Executive Creative Director at Arnold in Boston. If you saw a Volkswagen ad between 1995 and 2005 I had something to do with it. During my tenure I broadened Arnold’s creative arsenal to include design, digital, and experiential marketing. Everything Volkswagen needed, we did. For a comprehensive look at our work check out to see what we were up to.

I left Arnold after a new CMO at Volkswagen decided she liked Alex Bogusky’s hair better than mine. Based on the picture to the right, he does win in the hair department.
I decided to, as Samuel Jackson put it, “Walk the earth”. I took gigs in New York, Miami, and San Francisco. Digital and direct things. Things outside my comfort zone. I saw an industry evolving, wrestling with technology. Technology that will make every consumer individually “addressable” and every marketer addressable right back. It will challenge the whole concept of branding. Will a brand have any control over its story? Will there be any place bigger than a banner ad to tell it? Advertising will have to be more relevant and less interruptive. That’s a good thing.

So after my travels I’ve started my own mash-up of things I’ve always done and things that are new. I’ve designed and built websites, ecommerce platforms and Facebook apps. I’m eveny tinkering around under the hood of this Wordpress blog.

Check out my profile page for more background or my work page for some examples of integrated campaigns for some major brands. I’ve helped. Services covers the various ways I can make your marketing problems go away

Thanks for stopping by. There will always be more to see here.

Let’s work together sometime.

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