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Carbon Bigfoot Facebook Application

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

In partnership with my friends at Hello Viking, Minneapolis I recently created a Facebook application for the international accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Aimed at high school and college students, PWC chose an environmental theme based on it’s commitment to reducing it’s own global carbon footprint.

Built in Flash, Carbon Bigfoot allows students to track their carbon footprint throughout the year and teaches them what activities generate the biggest impact on the planet. They enter information which is translated graphically into an animated character that grows in size and “bigfootedness” as they add carbon emitting activities. Carbon Bigfoot also provides information comparing the students footprint with people in other parts of the world.

I created the concept and user experience and provided all creative and art direction.

Additional Credits:
Character Design/Animation: Motomichi Studios, NY
Graphic Design: Wink, Minneapolis
Flash Development: Sierra Bravo

XM Satellite Radio

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Working with the folks at Parq Creative Management and Hello Viking I developed this concept for McCann Detroit and their client XM-Satellite Radio. McCann wanted to build an online tool to help potential XM subscribers find XM stations that were similar to local broadcast favorites. I moved the process back upstream a bit and examined what the barriers to subscription might be and then created an integrated creative solution around McCann’s idea.

In turned out that, despite a free 3-month trial, few people took the time to program XM radio stations into their Without personalization people did not feel a sense of “ownership”. The idea: encourage people to make an appointment with themselves to figure out what they liked. We created the concept of “Xme” and proposed web and mobile application facilitate customizing and browsing XM offerings. Proposal included a campaign message, ads, a Facebook app, iphone app and microsite.